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Introducing HELESI

Helesi designs, manufactures and supplies high quality, plastic injection moulding products to the waste management industry worldwide. The company addresses global markets, which are driven by the increasing impact of rigorous environmental legislation implemented across the world. In addition to plastic waste containers, Helesi’s product line includes pallets and pallet boxes, pre sorting waste bins, stadium seats, material handling plastic products, including pallets and pallet boxes, fish and food crates.

Helesi is run by a strong management team, led by Managing Director Sakis Andrianopoulos, who has more than 17 years experience in waste management consulting for public authorities and municipalities. The company operates two, strategically located, state of the art production plants at Komotini, Northern Greece and a second production facility in Italy, Pisticci Scalo, Matera and its main country of operation is Greece.


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