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Boost your website.

Promote your image, improve communication with existing and potential customers, express yourself in a way that promotes your business and business operation. The design package that we will suggest to you may include one or more of the following services

Detailed design.


Based on a huge variety of templates, but also tailor-made patterns, and a number of online applications such as:

  1. web-stats,

  2. social feeds & social media stream,

  3. online store,

  4. site search,

  5. Google maps,

  6. appointment scheduler

  7. e-mail server.


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Videography-Photography of Services & Products. Edit and upgrade existing audio-visual material


For the most realistic representation of the products you produce and the services you provide, we can offer you additional services, such as:

  1. Professional photography of products, faces and snapshots.

  2. Professional video recording of events and operational processes.

  3. Edit, upgrade, optimize existing audiovisual material you want to use


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Compliance with specific requirements standards,



Specific requirements may include:


  1. The "Conformance to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0" guidelines.

  2. The international standard ISO / IEC 40500: 2012

  3. The guidelines  " W3C's Mobile Web Best Practices"



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