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A management system documents and supports the framework of processes and procedures applied to ensure that an entity (company, organization, entrepreneur) can implement all that is required to achieve its objectives. Depending on market trends and customer requirements, the operator may decide to install and certify compliance with a national, European or international standard as appropriate. 

For the last twenty years we have been successfully offering our services for the development of Management Systems according to the standards:

1. ISO 9001 regarding Quality Management of products and services. Although the development, implementation and certification of Quality Management Systems is purely voluntary, through Greek legislation it becomes a basic prerequisite for the official licensing of a number of activities (bulk cargo terminals, control and maintenance of radio equipment, communications, etc.).

2. ISO 14001 regarding Environmental Management, or Regulation (EC) 1221/2009 (EMAS) regarding Ecological Management and Environmental Control.

3. ISO 45001 18001 regarding Occupational Health & Safety Management.

4. ISO 22000 regarding Food Safety Management.

5. ISO 15189 regarding Special Requirements for the Quality and Adequacy of Clinical Laboratories

6. ISO 50001 regarding Energy Management.  

7. ISO 27001 regarding Information Security Management.

8. ELOT 1429 regarding the Management Αdequacy of organizations for the implementation of Public Projects.

9. ELOT 1435 regarding Communication Services.

10. ISO 39001 regarding Road Transport Safety Management.

11. SA 8000 regarding Social Αccountability.

12. ISO 16304 regarding Waste Management from Port Reception Facilities.

13. ISO 3834 for quality of metal welding.

14. ISO 22301  in terms of Business Continuity.

15. ISO 37001  concerning Anti-bribery.

16. ISO 14064  with regard to Greenhouse Gases .

17. ISO 13485  concerning Medical Equipment.

18. ISO 17025  regarding Laboratory Accreditation.

19. ISO 26000  in terms of Social Responsibility.


Through our many years of experience in the field, we are able to suggest you the minimum-cost-route tailored to your needs, which will upgrade the operation of your business to comply with the requirements of the standard you want. Contact us!


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