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CINAR S.A.: Authorised handling of hazardous waste

CINAR offers legal and technically sound facilities for the disposal of your waste. Experienced and highly trained specialists undertake the collection, packaging, transportation and disposal of all types of industrial and hazardous waste.The high standards of the CINAR services are in accordance with the specifications of the EC Directives and the Greek Law.CINAR offers the full range of treatment facilities in the plants of EDELHOFF in Germany:Thermal treatment for incineration, distillation and drying of slurry wastes.Chemical-physical treatment, recycling, pre-treatment and homogenisation.Licenced sites for waste disposal.We are at your disposal to discuss in confidence any issues related to the management of your wastes and to propose efficient and economic solutions.CINAR offers sampling facilities for your wastes.

Please contact the company's technical department at cinar@hol.grF


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